Photographs I've gleaned from flea markets, junk shops and sometimes ebay. The cheaper the better. Anything with a story that can be extracted from hand written notes, location research, local histories, census records......anything. A small band of fellow enthusiasts worldwide have helped me with many of these. Of course there are always mysteries that defy research, but there's even a story inside these. All images can be viewed at super-size on Flickr.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Destroyed Minden Aqueduct (Wasserstraßenkreuz Minden), Germany. October 1945.

Destroyed Minden Aqueduct (Wasserstraßenkreuz Minden), Germany. October 1945.

The massive aqueduct over the river Wesser, destroyed by the retreating German army in 1945. A note on the reverse of this photo identifies the diggers as belonging to the 964 port construction company (US army) building a by-pass canal. This 1949 article describes the task which faced them; "the German engineers did a thorough job of useless destruction. When it fell, a giant slab of girder and concrete 164 feet long and 98 feet wide crashed down at right angles across the river". However, the entire aqueduct was rebuilt and reopened in 1949. This is it today.


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