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Friday, 27 May 2011

Lady Fitch at Possingworth Park, East Sussex. 1926.

Lady Fitch at Possingworth Park, Cross in Hand, Heathfield, East Sussex. 1926.

I wonder which one is Lady Fitch and what distracted their attention at the moment this photo was taken. Click to view the large version on Flickr. 

Lillian Gordon was the American-born daughter of Col. Alexander Gordon of Hamilton, USA,. She married barrister Sir Cecil Fitch and became Lady Fitch. They also maintained a house 'Gordon Dene' on Princes Way, London SW19.

Possingworth Park is now a care home for the elderly run by Benedictine nuns and is known as 'Holy Cross Priory'.

There is possibly a link with another photo found in the same box, of a Rev FM Etherington whose wife was also American born and also bore the maiden name Gordon, but we have not yet established a firm link.

Fitch detail


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