Photographs I've gleaned from flea markets, junk shops and sometimes ebay. The cheaper the better. Anything with a story that can be extracted from hand written notes, location research, local histories, census records......anything. A small band of fellow enthusiasts worldwide have helped me with many of these. Of course there are always mysteries that defy research, but there's even a story inside these. All images can be viewed at super-size on Flickr.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

'Automatic portaits'. 167 Montague Street, Worthing, Sussex.

Automatic portrait photograph from Worthing, West Sussex.

I initially mistook these for tiny modern photo booth portraits, but they're not. They were taken around 1912 using a semi-automatic device which produced a strip of photos directly onto paper, and was a forerunner of the fully-automatic photo booth. The history of 'automatic portraits' in Britain and Sussex is examined in detail on this website. 167 Montague Street is now a Thai restaurant.

Automatic portrait photograph from Worthing, West Sussex.

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