Photographs I've gleaned from flea markets, junk shops and sometimes ebay. The cheaper the better. Anything with a story that can be extracted from hand written notes, location research, local histories, census records......anything. A small band of fellow enthusiasts worldwide have helped me with many of these. Of course there are always mysteries that defy research, but there's even a story inside these. All images can be viewed at super-size on Flickr.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Guard room. British soldiers in the middle east. WW1.

WW1 British soldiers in the middle east?

Soldiers wearing 1914 pattern equipment and pith helmets, probably taken during or shortly after the campaign against Turkey. We know who sent this one home, it's the chap standing on the right. He wrote on the back....


"This is a photo taken......
our guard-room.....
wire round it to keep the
flies and mosquitoes out
that is me standing
up on sentry with the
rifle in my hand, but
he missed my head when
he took it"


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