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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Palestine. First World War.

British soldiers posing with a wrecked Ottoman AEG C.IV fighter plane. Palestine. WW1.

A pair of photos I found in a flea market a few days ago. They appear to have been taken during the British offensive against the Turks in 1917. In the first photo grinning British soldiers are posing with a wrecked German-built AEG C.IV fighter plane. The bottom photo of troops resting in trench has a pencilled note on the back which I still haven't fully deciphered (perhaps you can help) which includes the words "second day of the Battle of Gaza".

  "The second day of the Battle of Gaza". British soldiers resting in a trench. Palestine. WW1.IMG_0012

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  1. My best effort: "204[?] Platoon in reserve on the second day of the Battle of Gaza. Your Humble [as in 'your humble servant'?] having a does [sic for doze?] with knees up marked with a cross." I see that there is what looks like a cross on top of the tent at center right, the one just above the rifles stuck into the ground. And the cross appears to be over the head of a soldier lying on top of the tent cloth. Perhaps he marked himself with a cross so whoever he sent the photo to could pick him out--I didn't realize there was a person there until I looked closely.