Photographs I've gleaned from flea markets, junk shops and sometimes ebay. The cheaper the better. Anything with a story that can be extracted from hand written notes, location research, local histories, census records......anything. A small band of fellow enthusiasts worldwide have helped me with many of these. Of course there are always mysteries that defy research, but there's even a story inside these. All images can be viewed at super-size on Flickr.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sutton Hoo, Suffolk. 1939. Previously unseen photographs.

Excavation of an Anglo-Saxon ship burial. Sutton Hoo, Suffolk. 1939

There was some excitement last year when a set of previously unseen photos of the 1939 Sutton Hoo ship excavation were discovered. Most of the original official photographs were destroyed during the war. I found these two in a flea market last week. There hasn't been a flurry of press interest this time, however. Oh well.....

 Excavation of an Anglo-Saxon ship burial. Sutton Hoo, Suffolk. 1939.


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